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  • Zoe Kittow

So, what is intuitive art?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

I was recently asked what is intuitive art? A pretty important question in understanding my work and practice! Although every artist probably has their own, slightly different way of describing this process I'll share what it means to me.

I thought I'd start with the definition of intuitive from the dictionary :



adjective: using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

So for me the process & practice of creating very much comes from within & the subconscious; rather than trying to recreate a literal representation of a particular subject you are looking at I am trying to capture a feeling or experience. Letting the work evolve on the canvas.

It can be inspired by where you spend a lot of your time, or things you love for example, as well as your introspective thoughts & feelings; But you’ll often be working in more of a flow state & the subject of your thoughts & inspiration may reveal themselves as you work, pieces often evolve and change a lot throughout the process of creating them. When in true flow the marks & colours arrive on the canvas often before I know why or how, each layer & stroke informing the next. It's a very exploratory way to work & with the journey being as, if not more important than the result.

My personal work is always abstract & often intuitive, but sometimes I will come to the studio with colours, shapes or a feeling or memory I want to experiment with, at the start of a piece. For sometime I have been interested in the push & pull between the natural world & my inner world. From how I experience the landscape & my rural environment, to the inner landscape carved & shaped within each of us by the exterior world; my works spanning the scale between these elements, but rarely deviating.

If you have any questions feel free to drop them below or send me a dm! I'd love to chat.

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