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Interested in a commission?

Ever wondered what a commission with me would look like? Here you get the inside scoop!

When you book a commission it's really important that you love that artists work; You have control over the size and key colours, but you are not booking an artist to copy another piece of art! But rather create there own work and style to fit your personality and space.

As I work in an intuitive manor I can’t plan too much the composition or marks, they have to come & develop naturally. This makes your piece all the more unique as I will never copy “x painting but in blue”. However, I can be guided by the styles you you like from your reference images of my work. So if you want lots of bold marks or more flowing & blended colours etc etc. We'd also work together to decide which material you'd like your piece on: canvas, art board, wood panel or paper (within available sizes). As well as developing a bespoke palette, though I will often ask if your happy for me to add touches of other colours intuitively where appropriate (which often leads to my best work)! Having seen the space it is for - if applicable, and listened to your style preferences.

I have a degree in interior design so a good understanding of how the piece will work in your space as well as gathering information from you about how you'd like it to feel (calming/energetic etc). At this point I am only taking commissions for mixed media work though Acrylic is always the main medium.


The process In bullet points

-Reach out & let me know your interested in working together to create a special piece just for you!

-Initial ideas to start thinking about: size, colour palette, pictures/video of the space if applicable (in good natural light) with wall colours - I will order samples! style & 2-4 reference images of my work noting what you do, & anything you don’t like about it. Canvas or something else?

-Option of a zoom call if you’d like walking through the process & ideas, or just to meet me & chat over your piece. Alternatively I can send you an initial questionnaire if that’s more convenient

-Quote & finalising of ideas in writing (optional zoom call if you have any questions)



-50% deposit

-Approval of main colour palette to work with

-Week 4-6* (from receiving the deposit) I will send you updates with images for any amendments or comments you have

-Week 6-8* approval of work or final minor adjustments

-Final payment on approval


* any delays in ordering materials that aren’t in stock will be discussed & factored into the timeframe. Please allow longer for very large pieces or pairs/trios and shorter times for single A4 or smaller works.

There’s no obligation until you put down the deposit so feel free to message me or arrange a casual chat to discuss your project & see if you think it's right for you. Although the timeframe outlined is an good general guide I will only take on a few commissions at a time to give my full attention therefore there maybe a waitlist before we can begin. I'm afraid I only sell work within the UK at this time.

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'm hoping to get the paints out after some very admin heavy days!! Follow along on my Instagram for regular updates, inspo and more @zoekitt_art

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