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Charity Auction with Sotheby’s, the Fair Shot Cafe & SOTA

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Big news this week! I can finally share with you all something I’ve had to keep under wraps for a while now…

I’ve donated a painting to help raise funds for the Fair Shot Cafe, with the piece selected by, & to be auctioned by Sotheby’s!! Cannot quite believe one of the worlds most prestigious auction houses selected MY painting, in the same building they will auctioning works by Picasso the following day!! State Of The Art marketplace (SOTA) have been amazing bringing everything & everyone together - What a great partnership! 

So, I just thought I’d share a little about this wonderful charity & why it’s so important to me.

"Sounds of the Soul"

The fair shot cafe work with adults with learning disabilities to help them gain training & employment, opening new doors. The stats are shocking with as high as 93% of adults with learning disabilities being unemployed, many of who just need the right training, support & opportunities. Something the charity are actively highlighting & changing, one traineeship at a time. 

Having worked from a very young age, wether at home on my parents farm, waitressing, or later selling jewellery, to fruit picking (& many more). I’d never truly understood what a privilege it was to be able to work. At 14 I began saving my earnings to travel, live & work abroad before Uni, a dream that with the support of those around me I was able to make a reality at just 18. I felt proud I was able to earn the money & go, but the truth was I had so many privileges that helped get me there; from my health, race & the country I was born, to the support & encouragement of many of the people in my life.

Living my best life in Australia

As I started Uni I never doubted that after graduating I’d have a job within the design field, & hoped to live abroad again for a while longer. I had no idea how quickly & drastically my life would very soon change.

In my early 20s I began developing a complex form of chronic Migraine, having morphed over the years taking with it so much of my independence, hopes for the future & the things that I loved. I certainly never anticipated that over 4yrs after my battle to get my degree & graduate (another 4yrs in the making) though having fortunately taken some steps forward, I’d still be so far from employable, let alone self sufficient.

If you’ve always been able to work, it would be very hard to understand - I too often dreaded that 5:30am alarm, a long physical days work, the boiling hot 1.5hr commute & the rude customers. But when that’s gone it takes with it your sense of purpose, your financial independence, your small talk as you meet people & instead leaves a constant fear of being asked what you do; a question I had no idea how frequently we go to. It takes with it your choices, many of life’s daily interactions, fulfilment & major mile stones.

Hiding amongst the foliage with "Sounds of the Soul" before it was framed.

But I found painting, & I’m so grateful! Something I can do as & when, which has comforted me in some really dark times. Hopefully one day it will become something that starts to plug a few more of those holes, or even help move me towards some of my bigger life goals, hopes & dreams that have no longer seemed possible. I’m incredibly fortunate to have found it, & for those that have always supported me; From an encouraging word, likes & shares to buying pieces…And of course my super supportive parents who are also packer extradinaires, chauffeurs & my go to posties! Though I can’t pretend right now I have a profitable career in this (at least at the moment, one can dream!..), I hope that by donating this piece it can help support another person be able to take there first steps into the world of work; In a world that hasn’t been made to support everyone to reach there own potentials & life goals. Being able to help someone else would be incredible!

The power of the arts, forever crossing boundaries, creating meaning, & beauty from even the darkest of situations. 

The Fair Shot Café via there Instagram @fairshotcafe

If you live in London please checkout & support this lovely little cafe. If like me you don't then perhaps follow there page & share with those that do, or support another local charity that will be desperately needing you through these incredibly challenging times. While we all know donations are of course vital, likes, shares & recommentions are incredibly valuable too & something we can all do!

Now lets just hope someone loves this piece & can help us to turn it from a piece of artwork (& a little bit of my soul) into something far more beautiful than any art alone ever could be! Fingers crossed everyone!

If your interested in the piece or anything to do with my process please feel free to drop me a message or follow me @zoekitt_art if you don't already. Have a great week everyone & I look forward to updating you all from London very soon!


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